Consulting service, certifications and quality management: your new manual is a “road map” for your business success


When a company chooses to get certified, implementation of a new quality management system requires financial and time resources.


IS Consulting deals with total solutions, following you in this path with a consulting service for certification and providing you with the support of a Temporary Manager specialized in quality management, who, in collaboration with the top management, develops a quality system by coordinating and monitoring each process with every department manager, in order to ensure that the company provides compliant products or services.

How we manage
the quality

    • Creating a quality manual specific to your company;


    • Elaboration of processes procedures and instructions and supporting documents (standard procedures, instrumentation maintenance manuals, guidelines for audits, company policies, etc.);


    • Business process compliance monitoring to verify the application of protocols and procedures;


    • Analysis and processing of customer satisfaction data;


    • Suppliers evaluation to verify compliance with technical quality requirements;


    • Analysis and monitoring of key performance indicators (KPI);


    • Staff training about quality tools adopted by the company.

The satisfaction of the quality criteria and universally recognized parameters, to determine compliance, are fundamental for companies in any sector.


Designing a quality management system can be highly complex…