A team of professionals managing business process

by your side


IS Consulting and its team of Business Process Management Professionals put their skills and methodologies at the customer’s service for the analysis, rationalization and automation of processes, necessary for the success of the company.


Through a set of business processes such as: documentation, definition, optimization, monitoring and implementation of business processes, we make the company’s business more efficient and effective supporting it in moments of transformation and development.

The design, development and control
of business processes

The intervention methodology of our team managing business process includes:


    • Analysis: analyze the existing process and its efficiency, where problems exist, and how it relates to other tasks or processes;


    • Modelling: Planning of a new model to improve the process and adapt its operation based on potential issues and variables;


    • Execution: implement change;


    • Monitoring: Monitor the new process after its implementation to verify the performance improvement, (efficiency, costs, times);


    • Optimization and automation: optimization and automation processes of repetitive tasks.

Business Process Management is a continuous process that must be periodically improved with new strategies. This is why it is very important to rely on an operational and strategic partner able to manage business processes so that to become a fundamental support of the organization, or when there is a managerial void.


Using our fast and simple workflow approach, that optimizes performance, you can offer better products and services to your customers.