Project Management: we use a standard approach consolidated in different realities


In IS Consulting we are proud to claim that we offer a specialized, flexible and non-disruptive service and a methodical approach to Project Management. Inside our strategic plan, we have the capacity of integrating processes and procedures of partner companies to become a fundamental support for organizations.

Our intervention in projects and action plans are always defined in four phases.

1. AS IS Analysis

To identify if changes is required, the first step made by a Temporary Manager is a Supply Chain processes diagnostic analysis phase.

Through a data analysis and measurement of company performance (Key Performance Indicators – KPI) he detects the situation and then defines the appropriate actions for improvement.

2. Definition of the Strategic Plan


Thanks to an own experience and an objective and impartial point of view, the manager quickly formulates a customized strategic action plan in line with real needs.

Where necessary, the support of specialized consultants in complementary sectors will be used in line with the ones which are going to operate in such as: finance and management control, sales & marketing, transport & logistic and human resources.

3. Execution


However, depending on the complexity of the project, the implementation can take several months.

In this phase the Temporary Manager assumes full operational responsibility. Managing, implementation and monitoring of the processes are aimed to achieve the established goals in collaboration with governance and the entire team (managers and resources).

4. Ongoing management


An ongoing management of all the phases of the project allows the Temporary Manager to intervene constantly on the action plan in order to react quickly to any needs or changes.

During its work, the Temporary Manager identifies a skilled person within the company, suitable to take its place once the assignment is completed. The handover is an integral part of a project, as it allows the results obtained to be maintained through strategic and operational continuity.

Do you need a professional to manage a complex project or do you want to know our method better? We are looking forward to be at your service…