Our greatest satisfaction is the result

IS Consulting is a combination of “effervescent” skills, complementary and in continuous renewal.
Managerial skills, professional ethics and consolidated experiences allow us to offer fast services and solutions to support every single aspect of the Supply Chain.

Project Management

We offer a specialized, flexible, non-disruptive service and a methodical Project Management approach. Our intervention always takes the form of a project and an action plan that is divided into 4 stages.

Transport & Logistic

We support companies in optimizing logistics, starting from the supply network of raw materials to the distribution of goods, passing through returns and product management.


We help companies build an effective relationship with suppliers to transform the purchase management in an elaborated process that requires the cooperation of other departments and end-to-end control of all activities.

Quality Management

We provide solutions and methods to support organizations in order to improve the control and quality processes, as well as systems and products, necessary for the creation of the value chain.

Business Process Management

Our BPM approach uses a model that speeds up and simplifies the management of business processes as well as improves performances through advanced data analysis and constant monitoring of production processes.

Human Resources

We believe in human capital, a greatest asset for the development of every company. The goal of our professionals is to enhance human capital so that it becomes a distinctive element of a winning reality.

We don’t do better, we work differently!

We generate constant positive value in economic terms with efficiency and perceived quality for our partners. Our strength is an exclusive methodology for project management based on collaboration.

Est. Since 2017

Company founded by Ivan Sannino


Years of Management Experience


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Ivan Sannino Managing Director

We actively support the client and the manager in grasping all potential improvements throughout the entire assignment.

IS Consulting is a modern and an effective answer to in-a-spot situations for multinationals, small and medium-sized enterprises that require a professional with experience, a high know-how to, flexibility and management skills, and an ability to manage complex projects for a limited period of time.
A Temporary Manager (Interim Manager) plays a key role in managing during crisis or change.
If you want to accelerate your business growth, we can help you!

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