Integrated Logistics and distribution chain management solutions


Relying on an external partner with proven competence and experience who offers integrated logistics solutions and a strategic consulting service as well as Temporary Management of the supply chain , through the detailed creation of the warehouse layout and a new logistics planning, offers a guarantee of reactivity in times of crisis and real chance of success.


Thanks to an advanced logistics and a transport system based on management methodologies and software solutions it’s never been easier for companies streamlined production, reduce costs while ensuring greater efficiency, (reduction of time and costs) and competitive advantages.

inbound & outbound
integrated logistics solutions

    • Mapping of flows, re-layout and staging of warehouses, following FIFO logic, or pallets (First in First Out), stock, management of batch deadlines and rotation, punctual deliveries, returns and monitoring all logistic operations;


    • Digitalization of logistics processes and information through the implementation of a WMS (Warehouse Management System) and a TMS (Transportation Management System) integrated with the ERP, to support the flow of data, tracking goods entry, invoicing, and purchase orders for clients, up to the reverse logistics, and transport;


    • Elaboration and activation of an IN and OUT booking process shared with suppliers for the optimization of the use of loading / unloading bays, vehicles and resources;
    • Creation of a Logistic performance dashboard to monitor internal and supplier qualitative and quantitative KPI


    • Evaluation of transport and shuttling: analysis of sales data to assign the right amount and type of stock in every warehouse and provide a fast and efficient service and minimize the total cost of shuttles;


    • Choice of the 3PL supplier, in collaboration with the purchasing department through scouting, tenders, offers evaluation and negotiation;


    • IMPORT/EXPORT: Operational planning and management of all logistics procedures, customs and tax aspects, choice of the logistics operator of the FOB and CFR or CIF rules and of the alternatives proposed by the Incoterms® table;


    • Reverse Logistics: manage and control of Reverse Logistics processes including all returns avoidance, operational gatekeeping procedure that deal with allocating and placing returns at landfills / disposal centers (in the case of WEEE), primary markets or secondary (outlet stores);


    • Preparing an operation manual and training of logistics staff.

A proper distribution channel management that use effective integrated logistics solutions helps increase to maximize efficiency and minimize waste.


A right integrated logistics management system and a correct distribution channel that are the set of processes that concern both the procurement and storage of materials, and the storage and distribution of finished products, are very important for a company that aims to maximize productivity and efficiency with the aim of reducing waste.


Do you want to increase the profitability of your company with a tailor-made project that improves its logistics processes?