Over 20 years of experience

We believe that in an ever-changing economic environment, the capability to rapidly adapt and evolve with a solid strategy, fast and appropriated response is essential.

Is Consulting was born from Ivan Sannino's over twenty years of experience in Supply Chain and Business Development in the logistics, automotive, consumer electronics, food and e-commerce sectors.
During the course of his long career Ivan has successfully completed numerous negotiations and has followed national and international strategic projects, as well as assisting Italian and foreign companies in the redesign of the distribution chain process. Today he decided to use his experience to support companies in exceptional moments with a modern, fast and effective response that combines managerial talent with strategic consulting.

Change is inevitable, you need the right people at the right time!


When a company’s management does not have the skills to handle unexpected situations, such as an extraordinary or innovative project, a crisis or a reorganization, having the right people to deal with change can make the difference.

Hiring a temporary manager or a senior advisor capable of taking fast actions, providing immediate solutions, but also involving human resources by enhancing their ability, is of fundamental importance. This is why IS Consulting was born.