“Go Further!”
Today change is not only necessary, it is essential


In an ever-changing world, to keep up with a dynamic market, the usual analyzes and measurements of company performance are no longer enough to grow and change; strategic choices and innovative management methods are needed.

The Senior Advisor thus, becomes a key figure in support of management to solve crisis situations, accelerate change or company development.

Who is the Senior Advisor?

The Senior Advisor is a professional, enterprising, flexible, innovative, with problem-solving skills and above all with high knowledge of his sector.

Carrying out consulting assignments that satisfy the client is a real mission for the Advisor, which requires the ability to collect, reflect, create, compare and summarize. Relationships based on trust are the most important asset for the Senior Advisor. He must become a reliable point of reference for the company, which he supports in the conception and development of innovative solutions. The entrepreneur must therefore recognize him as the one who has the right strategic and operational skills to increase the business.

Why a company require a Senior Advisor

It is not easy for a company to manage products, services, business models, control costs, increase margins, or promptly solve financial problems, if there is a gap in technical competence or there is a managerial vacuum.

What Does a Senior Advisor have to do?

1. Enhancing strategies to Improve company performance;

2. Check and make proposals to improve process efficiency;

3. Participate in product development;

4. Redesign of the Accounting and Management System;

5. Resolve any financial issues;

6. Analyse economic data and problems;

7. Develop and provide internal training to enhance staff skills.

Our Team

As Strategic and Operational Partner for Supply Chain management we collaborate with over–qualified professionals and specialists from complementary sectors. Highly qualified Senior Advisors in Finance and Control, Quality and Human Resources. Do you want to ``go further ''? Let's take the right path together!